How to use free Google Classroom for PC – Windows 10, Mac

Download the Google Classroom app on your PC. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized. And you can now use this amazing app on your Windows and Mac PCs.

NameGoogle Classroom
Developed byGoogle LLC
SizeVaries with the device
Google Classroom for mac

What is the Google Classroom PC app?

Online education enables the teacher and the student to set their own learning pace, and there’s the added flexibility of setting a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. As a result, using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies, so there’s no need to give anything up. Studying online teaches you vital time management skills, which makes finding a good work-study balance easier.

Google Classroom for PC is an application that allows students and teachers to connect with each other through their mobile devices and personal computers. It is a free service available to schools and non-profit organizations. You simply need to create a free personal account on Google to use the app.

How does it Work

Google Classroom for Windows app was designed to allow teachers to create and issue assignments to their students without needing to use paper. Teachers can also grade assignments with the app as well. Students and teachers can easily share their files with one another without ever needing to use paper.

Google Classroom provides a handy set of tools for organizing virtual classes and courses of all kinds and levels. It’s a great tool for teachers and professors trying to transition to remote learning. It blends traditional Google Suite tools with dedicated educational platform tools.

Is it Beneficial for the Teachers and students

The app lets teachers create lesson plans, distribute material, assign tasks, oversee progress, and provide feedback. Students can communicate with each other and teachers easily. Every student, task, and class automatically generates its own Drive folder.

As a teacher, you can do this in the platform’s two notable sections: Students and Stream. The Students section helps you to connect with your students. You can choose to either manually enter each of their Google email addresses or the students can join the class with a Google email.

Should you do the latter, it is important to provide them with the class code. The Stream section allows you to post assignments, announcements, and questions for your students.

Google Classroom app on Windows



  1. Start a video meeting.
  2. Create and manage classes, assignments, and grades online without paper.
  3. Add materials to your assignments, such as YouTube videos, a Google Forms survey, and other items from Google Drive.
  4. Give direct, real-time feedback.
  5. Use the class stream to post announcements and engage students in question-driven discussions.
  6. Invite parents and guardians to sign up for email summaries with a student’s upcoming or missing work.


  • Track classwork and submit assignments.
  • Check originality, feedback, and grades.
  • Share resources and interact in the class stream or by email.


  • Get an email summary of your student’s work.
  • Review announcements and activities.


  • Protect data and set permissions for your users.
  • Set up classes and rosters.
  • Add or remove students and teachers from classes.
  • Get 24/7 support.

Google Classroom for PC app provides extra features to teachers and students that are not part of standard Google accounts. For instance, teachers can utilize the Forms tool to add images and multiple choice answers to questions.

The Inbox by Gmail tool hosts Classroom messages, enabling students and teachers to easily find highlights and key updates. Teachers can organize their class streams by adding subjects to posts and students and teachers can filter the streams to find specific subjects.

Google Classroom app PC download

If you want you can also use the Google Classroom app on an Android smartphone as well.

Step by Step Guide to Install the Google Classroom App on Windows and Mac

If you want to use the Google Classroom app, Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions. The emulator will help you use the app on your PC.

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