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Download the Komoot app on your PC. Get inspired by tapping into shared community knowledge and recommendations, then bring your adventures to life with the easy route planner. Get your first region for free and say hello to your next adventure

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Komoot app on Windows

What is the Komoot PC app?

In these unusual times, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself safe and healthy and protect others. Cycling is a great way to keep yourself physically and mentally fit, and discovering new areas to try new climbs, roads, and routes is vital in keeping things interesting and yourself motivated. It’s easy to slip into old habits and simply head out from your front door to cover the routes you’ve been riding for years.

Komoot for PC is a community-based app that relies on user information. Users are encouraged to share highlights and notes about their rides; you can see coffee shops, bike shops, images, and loads of other useful stuff. It draws on this data to help create better rides for you. It also shows really important information like how difficult the ride is, the highest and lowest point, surface and path type cycleway, street, fast A road, unpaved, and cobbled or paved. So when you plot your route, you know exactly what you’re going to ride.

What does it offer?

From the winding undulating roads to alpine trails for the mountain bikers, you can plan any cycling adventure you fancy with recommendations from the local experts, or ‘Pioneers’, on where to stop and what to see along the way. If you need some refueling or a place to crash after a hard day of pedaling, no problem! You can easily build in stops along the way.

You can find a huge collection of pre-planned routes on the app. You can search activity-specific routes in a preferred location, use the routes your friends have shared, or check out curated collections of routes for different themes or locations. While planning a route you can view user-generated, sport-specific highlights on the map that you can include on your route when planning. You can also select POIs, like campgrounds, restaurants, etc., to be visible on the map when planning.

Komoot for Mac


Komoot for Windows’s route planning features are the most detailed on the market with on and off-road routes updated by users. They even have the ability to overlay detailed weather information onto your route, and if you tell it your estimated start time it will tell you if you’ll need lights, and how long for. So even on new rides, there’s no reason to get into trouble or go too far.

Komoot has an extra trick up its sleeve that you don’t get on Strava and other routing apps. When you’re planning a route it gives you a breakdown of the different surfaces around the route, and you can highlight the different surfaces on the map as you plan. So if you’re creating a road route somewhere you don’t know, and you notice that it has some unsurfaced sections, you can check on the map to see where they are and re-route if you want to.

The process of creating a route is designed to an extent around highlights that users are encouraged to add to the system. If you’re planning a route somewhere you don’t know, then you can have a scout about for interesting things to see, and ask Komoot to plot a route that includes them.

One other feature is the app houses thousands of tailored adventures—recommended based on the type of explorer you are. Designed around things we’re sure you’ll love, based on places we know like-minded people love, they’re only available on komoot. Just filter by difficulty, duration, and whether they’re reachable by public transport—and then get out there and discover more of the great outdoors, one komoot Tour at a time.

As far as the Komoot for PC app is concerned, follow the steps below to use the app.

Komoot app PC download

Step by Step Guide to Install the Komoot App on Windows and Mac

If you want to use the Komoot app, the best way to do it is to install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC. It is an Android emulator that will help you in using the Android apps on your PC.

Requirements to use the app on your PC

  • First and foremost you have to have a PC/ Laptop
  • They must support Windows 8,10 OS or MacOS.
  • An active internet connection
  • A Google Account, If you do not have one then you can easily create one.
  • If you have these things ready, then let us take a look at what rest of the steps

If you want you can also use the Komoot app on an Android smartphone as well.

Download CEX.IO for PC


How much does Komoot for PC cost?

The komoot for PC app is free, as is the first of the regional offline base maps you choose to download. From then on, additional maps are chargeable at £3.99 each, but world travelers might prefer to buy the complete package (£29.99) which covers the whole globe for a one-off purchase.

What is Komoot app?

It is an app that enables you to plan a route based on how you plan to tackle it, e.g. mountain bike, road bike, hike, etc. You can detail your route down to the finest point and even create a plan based on preferences such as silent trails, smooth-as-silk asphalt, traversing screen, and the like

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