Zen Brush 3 for PC – How to use on Windows 10, Mac

Use the Zen Brush 3 app on your PC. Zen Brush 3 is a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush which can be used to perform calligraphy, ink painting, and more.

NameZen Brush 3
Developed byPSOFT MOBILE
Size125 Mb
RequirementVaries with device
CategoryGraphic & Design
Zen Brush 3 for mac

The Zen Brush 3 PC app

Unless you get the urge – or the commission – to create Japanese calligraphic-style art or lettering, then the Zen Brush 3 for PC is probably not worth the small outlay, although you might have some fun giving this app a try as it is one of the more competent drawing apps for iPad.

Simply start the app and you are immediately ready to draw. Anyone, anywhere, can create superb Zen art with this app’s uniquely rich expressiveness. You can also easily share and edit your calligraphy and images with other apps using the Export functionality. Skillfully use the rich background style templates to create and share atmospheric artwork.

When run on various ages and models of your devices – the first real test any art app should run through – it stayed smooth and responsive. There is a slight lag between the tail of any stroke catching up to the input, but it never feels like it gets in the way.

The features are limited, as you might expect from something aimed so squarely at narrow usage, and that’s perfectly okay. The tools work well, from the brush options that cover black and red strokes, to sub-controls such as tone and brush dryness – which is impressive.

If you want to use this, forget the phone version of Zen Brush 3 for Windows app. It works fine, but not in any way that inspires creativity and that’s down to how the app interprets input.

Zen Brush 3 Windows app


  • Simulated pressure sensitivity with finger
  • Dry brush option works really well
  • Some support for stylus input
  • iPad Pro and pencil offers pressure and orientation sensitivity
  • Good selection of save/export options


  • Phone version lacking
  • Press too hard and fingertip will splay
  • Slight lag between the tail of any stroke catching up to the input

Available Platforms

The app is available on both Android and Apple Stores. If you want you can also use the Zen Brush 3 app on an Android smartphone as well.

Zen Brush 3 app PC download

Step by Step Guide to Install the Zen Brush 3 App on Windows and Mac

If you want to use the Zen Brush 3 app, then follow the steps discussed below.

Download Zen Brush 3 for PC

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Complete the installation of the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Look for the PlayStore app on the home screen and open it.
  4. Search for the Zen Brush 3 app and click on the install button.
  5. You will need to Log in using your Google ID to start the download process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zen brushing?

Zen Brush 3 for PC is an app that allows you to easily enjoy the feeling of using an ink brush to write and to paint. It allows anyone to easily perform fluent strokes while not compromising on the fascinating texture of a real ink brush.

What is the Zen symbol called?

The Zen Circle is known as ‘enso’ and looks like a painted black circle. Its origins are from Japan, where it is also known as the ‘circle of enlightenment’. You might have seen this symbol before but may not know much about it

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